Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Newer Pic

Now that I've got my digital camera photos in my 'puter, here is one of Adeline today.

I'm trying to think of all the other stuff I've missed boring you with.
C gets braces next month.
F got glasses. It turns out he is legally blind in his right eye. Did he ever once mention in 6.5 years that he couldn't see out of that eye. Argh!! Hopefully with glasses and patching we can improve it to something at least usable.
Mel started preschool.
L,F andC are playing soccer.
E has been ungodly busy with high school stuff. Blech!
S needs to save $$$ for the 8th grade Washington DC trip. He would rather buy an xbox.


Anonymous said...

What a little love! Thanks so much for sharing a photo of your new little bundle - I've been haunting your site, hoping for a peek at her!

Take care, Lisa. (Hope you're getting some sleep!)



Lori said...

Contrats!! She's beautiful!

Lori said...
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