Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Or Not

I was googling recipes today, trying to use up some chickpeas when I came upon alot of entries on Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious recipes. Um, dumping cauliflower into my banana bread? Chick peas in my cookies? Or not. I found what I wanted, then went into the kitchen melted 2 sticks of butter and made heart attack on a plate chocolate chip cookies. And this way I can keep my title as meanest mom on earth when I insist they taste the veggies on their plate. I'm like that.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I am really tired. The baby still isn't sleeping, wakes up coughing. It's not serious but wakes her up. I slept in the chair in the living room last night so she wouldn't bother dh (though he might not have even heard her knowing him). Anyway, not a good night's sleep. I finally gave up and got up at 4.

This weekend was one of those hectic ones where I was never home and yet accomplished nothing. I ran the boys to catch a ride to the Klondike Derby at 6:30, had basketball games and pictures, ran back home, left again to take E to a party, went home , left after a couple hours to pick up E and then E, L and I went to yet another town to work at a fish fry and sell girl scout cookies, when that was done I drove back the other direction to get the boys and then home about 9pm. Made for a very long day.

Cookies...Girl Scout cookies....argh!!!! Why did I say I'd be the treasurer????? Anybody wanna buy cookies????

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So yesterdaywas the most depressing day of the year. I personally find it happens sometime in February. I'm not sure why the shortest month seems like the longest.
We are busily completing a virus marathon. Mel was sick with fever and croup. I had a couple touchy nights with her in a steamy bathroom. Hmm, are her lips blue? How about those nail beds? And there's nothing like steam for a naturally curly girl like me. F was next with a fever of 103 so he stayed home from school Friday. Addie never had a fever but her intestinal tract was dealing with something. Positively toxic! Not usual for a breastfed baby. S and E felt ill over the weekend and low and behold dh came home from work early today feeling yuck. That leaves C and I. Here's hoping we're both too mean to catch it.

I've been cruising the net looking for more frugal ideas. I've decided I'm already so cheap that there aren't too many new ideas out there. Which is depressing. We could of course go extremely cheap-no cable, no internet, no phone, sell plasma. But in the everyday scheme of things we are pretty close to the bone. Aldi's groceries, very limited wardrobe, ancient autos, cloth diapers, etc. I want to save money, but I'm not ready to give up electricity. Not yet anyway.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Mel's question-"Why is lucky wearing a lamp costume?"

My birthday today. L, who is 9, wants to make the cake. I'm expecting about 8 pounds of frosting with a sprinkling of egg shell.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who Knew?

So since I'm trying to be a little simpler here, I've been exploring the blog world further. Quite frankly, I'm usually so busy living my own life, you've gotta be pretty interesting before I'll take time to read about yours. I started looking at voluntary simplicity and quickly segued into frugality. Let me admit here, that I am really cheap. My husband compares me to a squirrel, who wants to take all our nuts(money) and bury it in the back yard for the coming hard winter. What can you say when it's true? The upshot is I hope to retool the old sidebar there to feature some new stuff. Related to this, I've saved like $60 on stuff I didn't buy. Mostly tea, coffee and pop. I appear to be a thirst motivated consumer.

Friday, January 11, 2008


New Year, new beginning, drone drone, boring, boring. The point is I've been so busy I havent' been on the 'puter much or posted much anywhere. I've decluttered our bedroom and kitchen. Tomorrow I go to the dungeon, er basement. If you never hear from me again you'll know what happened.
Other things are in full swing. Basketball, swimming, scouts (Boy, Cub and Brownies). L has a party this weekend and E has two. Better social life than dh and I. I've also been much better about taking Lucky on a walk each day. Lab's need exercise but today my knee hurts. Drat!
Now for your amusement. I'm not sure if she's channeling a '70's cocktail waitress or Horshack.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


If you came home, and your angelic four year old said "Mommy I made you a picture. It's on the fridge." Would you assume it was on with a magnet or would you think hey, she took an entire blue glue stick, applied it to a piece of printer paper and adhered it in all it's blue gooey glory to the front of your BRAND NEW FRIDGE? Just asking?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year

No long tedious list of resolutions here. As Oscar Wilde said "I can resist everything except temptation." My only goal is to resist impulse buys in January. I know many people are on the 'buy nothing for a year 'train. I would never make it. I did read a really cool book last year called Not Buying It. I don't have lofty goals about being green or my spirituality. I'm just trying to reduce junk and maybe save a few $$ towards oh, say one of these. I hopefully will keep track of what I didn't spend and then not feel bad about spending it. Makes perfect sense, in a pretzel logic sort of way.
no jeans $8.99
no latte $3.00
no cute baby bow $1.99
no earrings $2.99
Gee, only $883.02 to go.