Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday Simperings

OK, I've never simpered in my life, but I like alliteration. This is really just one of those boring catch up posts. which could proabably be made wry and amusing, but that would take way more effort than I'm willing to put forth right now.

Spring Break officially began Friday at 3:35pm here. Everyone, including myself, is jubilant. It is so time for a break. The stretch from Christmas to Easter seems very long indeed. S and C have gone camping with the Boy Scouts for the weekend. It's C's first camping trip solo as a Boy Scout. I hope they have fun. It is raining today and they will be cutting and stacking wood as a service project. I think they'll still have fun though, because, well, they are boys and they will get to use sharp implements and get really dirty.

E, seizing on a time when the brothers would be gone, has friends over for her birthday. Her birthday is really next Saturday, but with Good Friday and Easter forming parentheses around that day, this weekend seemed better. I will be taking them shopping later. Let's hope I can find something to amuse the little three while they do it. I'm thinking a trip to the bookstore (always a good time), a judicious application of ice cream and Happy Feet on screen in the van. If it were nice I'd take them to a park, but standing in a cold drizzle while they become coated in mud just doesn't sound that fun.

I'm hopeful tomorrow will include nothing more taxing than a trip to church and a nap. I'm still pretty nauseous and I never know when it will hit me, more like possess me rendering me helpless. Nothing like being sick in your car, oh yeah, that's fun.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Six Years Ago

...I drove myself to the hospital (after ignoring their instructions not to drink coffee) at an ungodly hour for a c-section. Dh had to stay home to get the kids to school and daycare. An hour before the scheduled surgery I felt an unbelievable swish. The baby finally turned, when weeks of massaging, hand standing and pelvic elevating has done nothing. I knew then this little one would be a challenge. Since I was there, and had already lost my plug and had been walking around 3-4 cm dialated anyway I screamed....induce! I was afraid he'd flip back. Four hours after they started the pit he was here. Not too bad for an induction. I was right about F being different. He is a type B amid a type A household. He is busy, busy, busy, talks all the time but has nothing to say, has zero interest in books, writing letters or art but is fascinated by all the outdoors. Despite the fact he is an exhausting tornado of movement he is my most loving, cuddling child. He calls me his 'sweet muffin'. I don't know why, but what mom could argue.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Call A Priest

Mel, who is 3, has pink eye. She has never been sick or had medicine before in her whole life. For that I am thankful, because last night it took me and two teens to restrain her enough to put the eye drops (she keeps calling them raindrops) in her eyes. After a tense, sweaty interlude S said "I was waiting for her head to spin and green stuff to come out her mouth." He was right, even down to her constant refrain "It burns, it burns". Maybe we should try Holy Water?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend in Pics

What I made:
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Receiving his Arrow of Light
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Sunday-Why play with toys if there's mud and worms?
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If they won't let you play in the mud with them, get your big sissie to swing you!
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Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Back

Thanks to all those who e-mailed me wondering if I'm ok. I am, I'm just retaining my title as Queen of the Nauseated. After fitting the kids in around a day full of vomiting, blogging just really doesn't appeal. I've been doing the bare minimum here, so there really isn't too much to say anyway. Five or six consecutive entries of got sick, slept, sick, slept, ran to events, got sick, slept would wear thin. Tomorrow is the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet so I should have some pics to post later.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Minds in the Gutter

A little background, my oldest dd is a vegetarian and has been for three years. Last night at dinner she had a salad, sweet potato, cauliflower and broccoli on her plate. This conversation ensued:

C-"Maybe we should change your name to Vegina."

S giggled, I laughed, E smirked.


Me-"Um, C, Vegina sounds suspiciously like a female body part."

C-silence, then "Gross, you guys are so perverted."