Friday, February 23, 2007

So Fast

Just the other day he was a chubby toddler who held my hand, then he was a hyperactive kindergartner who could climb anything, an eight year old Evel Kneival, an eleven year old Cub Scout and now he's a gangly, gawky, 5'9" man child, who's arms, legs and feet have outgrown the rest of him. He has collarbones and ribs that would make Kate Moss jealous. When he hugs me (which only happens in private) my head only reaches his shoulder, and he is too cool to want to appear recognizable in his mother's blog. He finished 1st in the 100 free here.
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I always poo-pooed that mother/son thing, but it is true. E getting older was just E getting older. S is becoming another species, and it tugs darn it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

So, what I thought was the stomach virus that wouldn't quit was our peanut butter. Why, on why, wasn't I a choosy mom?

Last Wednesday this time-No school-blizzard. This Wednesday-No school-fog, because now the air is warm and the snow isn't and the fog froze on everything. Stay tuned, next week drought! or locusts!

It's Ash Wednesday today and I drove by a house with it's Christmas lights on last night. Huh?

Everyone send labor vibes to my friend . Let's get that little boy here soon.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Filing this under Cute Things They Say. Last night (after dragging myself home from a 5th grade basketball game followed by a middle school swim meet. Nothing like 4 1/2 hrs of sports) F and A wanted me to take them to bed. I wasn't real excited but trudged upstairs. A wanted me to tuck her in first. From F's bunk I hear "Hey, what about my needs!" LOL Where did he hear that?

For the record, C's team lost, but he did get to play point guard. S got a 2nd in the 50 Free and his relay team came in 3rd. Not bad for a kid who is only in his second meet ever. If he could just turn better he'd be even faster. We'll see if he sticks with it, and if I don't kill him first for arguing over Algebra homework.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


C last evening. There was no point in shoveling since it continued to snow, but he wanted to do it.

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Snow fort city

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Valentine Cookie Love
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My Pink Cheeked Snuggle Muffin
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I'd take a picture, but all you can see is blowing snow. I really don't think it would be so bad, except for the wind. It is supposed to snow from 12-16 inches, which while bad isn't horrible. However, if the snow insists on blowing around and redepositing on all the places someone just cleared it seems like more. At least we're all tucked inside warm and snug. Dh's job (40 miles away) called and said stay home so I don't even have to worry about him. Of course my children are currently involved in the 15 minute process of getting snowsuits, boots, hats and mittens on to go out. I predict they will only be out 10 minutes or alternately, will stay out an hour and then come in whining that, surprise, surprise, their toes and fingers are frozen!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Humor

Mel-"I am a ballerina queen."
Me-"How about you be a princess and I'll be the queen."
Mel-(in a haughty tone) "No, I am the queen, you don't even have a crown."

If they couldn't have gotten Helen Mirren to star in "The Queen" they could have signed Mel. How can you get that haughty, nose in the air attitude in only three years?

Now for something really funny go read The Bulwer-Lytton Awards Read them all. The adventure and children's especially amused me.

Monday, February 05, 2007


After years of 1 win seasons, Jeff George, Jack Trudeau, Gary Hogeboom...the sports gods have smiled and the COLTS WIN! Now if my patience could just be rewarded by the Cubs too. I know, don't get greedy.