Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wonderful Weekly Post

Well, it's weekly, I can't vouch for the wonderful part.

* The high point of the weekend was L scoring her teams two goals at soccer. They won 2-1. The weekend also included Boy Scout events, trips to libraries, movies and another family soccer game.

* I took green grapes to my Sunday School class. I thought it was kind of a pathetic offering but the kids went nuts for them. Don't these kids have fruit at home?

* Tonight is open house at the school. I already know all the teachers so it seems like a waste of time, but they are serving ice cream so the kids want to go.

* Paula asked what I'm doing that is so interesting. I'm not sure interesting is the word, but maybe more useful than computer time. Mel is going to preschool two days/week at the YMCA (the days F goes to kindergarten) so I'm working out and/or doing errands and grocery shopping during that time. I've been really trying to step up the exercise so I'm spending more time on my yoga and taking bike rides hauling the trailer with F and Mel. I'm also working on turning the basement into two separate areas because S has decided he'd like his room to be down there. He has his own room now but he wants to move. I joined a book club at the library. I'm doing some professional continuing education and of course there is still laundry, cooking, etc around here. If I spend 3 (ok, or 4 or 5) hours on the computer the other stuff doesn't get accomplished. I'm trying to keep it to an hour/day. As ds pointed out, I think that's plenty of video time for him. I hate it when they are right.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

As Advertised

Sunday we had one of those golden days they would advertise in parenting brochures, if there were parenting brochures. Sun, picnicing, family soccer, and for the kids, swimming in REALLY cold water. We finished up the day with milkshakes for dinner and somehow we managed to make it through without anyone being snarly. The worst thing that happened was F asking to see the tennis ball just as it sailed over and hit him square between the eyes. No harm done though, and he referred to it as a 'battle scar' all day.

I won't be blogging much in the coming weeks. The 'puter sucks up too much time and I have interesting things to do. It seems silly to give that time to a machine....but the pull is strong. I think I know where my kids get their love of video games, I'm just as bad with surfing the net.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Week in Recap (or why I haven't posted)

Take dd to first day of preschool. Discover digital camera has died.
Cross country, football and soccer practice
Empty swimming pool
Wash muddy clothes created by swimming pool
Take dd to dentist

Take ds to dentist
Return movies and books to library or just buy them and be done
Soccer practice
Middle School Football game
Buy a huge amount of food to fill up football player

Take dd to first preschool field trip
Make note I still need to buy new digital camera
Pay exhorbinant fees to dentist and mechanic
Call washer repair man and beg him to come so I can pay him exhorbinant fees
Read letter describing kindergarten son's poor test results and decide whether to send him to extra kindergarten classes
Find and deliver dd to new dance class since former studio closed (after 9 years, sob)
Buy more food while dd dances to replace food inhaled by the walking stomach, er ds

The rest of the week shapes up pretty much the same. No deep analyzation of the world's problems or even new ways to degrime your sink will be found here.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Out Of Commission

Maybe it was the taxing nature of hanging laundry, but I've been out of commission with migraines and the mist that follows. Honestly, if I'm going to be hung over I wish it was more fun getting that way. Of course there were the trips to football games, soccer games,Sunday school, etc. Oh, the excitement just rolls.

I also exercised great restraint in not becoming embroiled in an internet 'debate'. This is hard for me, because in real life I will argue any point into the ground with anyone. I love to 'debate'. (Fight and argue have been suggested terms for it.) I value these internet aquaintances though, and since making nuances clear in writing is beyond my ability, I stayed out of it. Unfortunately my petty self has conducted the argument in my head. It makes one wonder if I will ever grow up, LOL. Will not! Will too! Will not! Will too!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Slow News Day

So this morning I was in the yard hanging clothes when a guy jumps out of his pickup and asks to take my picture. I 'm thinking, strange laundry fetish? Nope, the county newspaper looking for human interest shots. Ok, I say. I figure somewhere in the county there has to be something more interesting than me hanging laundry. NOPE! Guess whose picture made the front page above the fold. And what does that say about how interesting things are here?
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E now tells me she'll have to leave school and slink away to Mexico. What could be more horrifying than your mother on the front page, hanging laundry, and identified no less. Oh the horror!

The Kindness of Strangers

A small town has disadvantages which everyone can list, but there are pluses too. Two of them are 1) you know most people and 2) if they have kids, they'll probably be in some of the activities your kids are. I found a ride last night for L to go to soccer practice and a way for S to get from football practice to Boy Scouts. I needed that help so I could take Mel to the Y for some swim classes. They will normally be while F is at kindergarten and give her something to do. I'm working on my clone, but progress is slow.

Not really anything exciting to report. Life is once again about where the kids have to be when. I know some people just say, don't let them do stuff, but it seems that the only way they get to see other kids is in activities. Other kids seem to stay inside all the time, not allowed to play because their parents are at work or at daycare/activities themselves. Each kid only does one activity but times six it adds up. So....if I whine about all the places I need to be at the same time, either put me on ignore or enjoy the fact you aren't the only one going crazy.

School itself jumped into full swing. Homework on the first night and every night since. I'm glad I went to school in the good old dumb days. Again, I k now you homeschoolers would say just avoid school, but as I said earlier, if I did school they'd read and watch tv all day. Bad mommy. So, on we go, hopefully striking a balance between family, social activities and school. If they all turn out to be ax murderers it's not because we didn't try.