Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Headlong Rush

Busy, busy weekend and past few days. Tomorrow is the last day of school. Yeah! That should help lower the stress level around here. Finals time is no fun. Over the weekend we crammed in lots of fun--minor league baseball game, backyard camping, shopping trip, Pirates, swimming at the beach. Yesterday was very busy with a ball game, band concert and fundraising dinner and Boy Scouts. Too many places to beeeeeee. Last night Lucky cried. He was really good the first few nights because L and F slept with him in the tent. Probably not too different from being in a pile with your puppy siblings. He does not like being alone nearly as much. I manhandled the pool and accoutrements into position today. I'll have to finish filling it up tomorrow. It takes forever. Then in 3 short months I have to wrestle it down again. Hmmm, bad timing-put it up at 27 weeks and probably take it down a week or two post partum. I should have thought about those dates a little better.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Date

We finally have a date set for Emma's surgery. She'll be going in on June 11th. We had hoped for a week earlier, but I guess we'll take what we get. It is going to so ruin her summer. She'll be in ICU right after the surgery and in the hospital four or five days. She can't really do much then for 6 weeks and nothing 'physical' for six months. No diving, no rollercoasters, no sports. Boring! I feel like we should do something fun that first week of June, but I'll be darned if I know what that would be. She is past thinking a trip to the beach or an amusement park is a big deal. Oh the ennui of fifteen.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Baseball, and Soccer and Brownies-Oh My!

Lots of sports this weekend. Why even have a home. We could just set up tents at the various parks. Oh well, all kids were dirty and tired Friday and Saturday and this mama likes tired, quiet children. Yesterday was the end of year Brownie Ceremony. I as an idiot, I mean volunteer, helped get it all together. The girls did well and even put on a play without major glitches. E acted as Mistress of Ceremonies for us. Why wasn't I that self-possessed at fifteen? Dh had the camera, so I got one good picture from the whole day, which won't be good once I shrink it for the blog, but you get the idea.

Me, E and L
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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yesterday I had four 'student led conferences.' How exciting. I know I should be all geared up, and I do want them to do well in school (which they do), but, I don't need to see a year long portfolio of their work. I see their work every day or on Friday or whenever they bring it home. The teachers don't have much to add that I don't know. I've seen their report cards. Ah well....
What else? I planted the garden just in time for more frost. ~sigh~ I've covered everything. My allergies are bugging me, expecially at the ball park. It it pretty much in a bowl surrounded by trees. A lovely place for the pollen to gather. Oh, and since I'm feeling productive I cleaned out the Hoosier cupboard that we use to stow most everything that doesn't have a real place. It's all clean and tidy and ready for us to shove more needlessly kept junk in it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paying the Price

So, yesterday I felt like a human being, a rare occurrence, and so I decided to do all the stuff that has been bugging me. I scraped and recaulked the tub, touched up the paint in that bathroom, washed everything in there and repainted part of the play house. Then I went to a baseball game. And today.... I feel like crap. Stuffed up head, achy, headache... cold, allergies, exhaustion? It is going to be hard to knock this place into shape if all I can manage is one good day of work. Ah well, off to soccer practice and souts. I plan on sitting in the air conditioned van and observing from afar, with my bottle of tylenol and tissues.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Because nothing says I love you like a dandelion in a shot glass.
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Friday, May 11, 2007


I feel like one of those glaze-eyed zombies. Same old story. Far too many places to be, usually at the exact same time and no other adult to drive. Luckily school will be out May 31st. Things are winding down, but all the end of the year programs, projects, and parties are happening. This week we did conclude pre-school (swimming party), track (county track meet, nothing like a 4hour track meet, yawn), band (incredibly boring concert, I'm just not into music I guess), and the last story time at the library. Cubs ends in two weeks and so does Brownies- Now I just need to get both those ceremonies organized, ha! Of course we have to fit in soccer games, baseball games, and way too many MD appointments yet. Thus, all this mind numbingly boring activitiy has made for poor blogging. Mea Culpa!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sounds Easy

* Sort all winter and summer clothes for five kids.
* Clean house.
* Till mudhole, er yard, and sow grass seed.
* Till garden, select herbs and plant
* Clean the Black Hole of Calcutta, otherwise known as a garage, locate baby items from attic while still able to fit.

Sounds like that should not take 3 days doesn't it.