Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Don't Even Really Like Green

You Are Teal Green

You are a one of a kind, original person. There's no one even close to being like you.
Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible.
While you are a bit offbeat, you don't scare people away with your quirks.
Your warm personality nicely counteracts and strange habits you may have.

Strang habits? Quirks? Say it ain't so

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

We've played too hard the past few days. I am tired. We've been to cookouts, birthday parties, and Minor League ball games,(just in case t-ball, coaches pitch, little league and girl's softball weren't enough). I've replaced roof shingles, set up the pool, been running with E, planted flowers and unbelievably bought myself a few clothes. I don't like to shop but even dh was noting the sad shape of my summer stuff. I remember buying stuff after C was born 9 years ago and not really since. I was pregnant three of those summers, some people gave me some stuff,etc. and I just never bought much. Probably a couple polo shirts and a pair of khakis for church but I went a little crazy on Saturday. I got a swimsuit, khaki skirt, khaki shorts, three tank tops and a purple peasant blousy thing. It was a good sale though, I thnk I only spent like $50. I hope it lasts nine more years, LOL! Today I'm going to drop the oldest three to see X-Men 3 and take the younger three to a park. A shady park. Yesterday's baseball game in 95 degree heat has left me a little wilted.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

School's Out!!

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*Whenever I say school's out, I sing that stupid Alice Cooper song in my head

*The kid's did really well.

*E graduated 8th grade with the highest GPA in the class. C got straight As. S got 3 As and 3Bs. His siblings are ridiculing him, lol!

*L in first grade gets numbers. She got 1s. Do they think kids can't equate 1s with As?

*Swimming can now count as a bath.

*It doesn't matter if we can find socks.

*They can wear the jeans that have the leg held on by a thread.

*If the baseball game goes on until 10:30 it's ok.

*They have plenty of time to get their chores done.


Monday, May 22, 2006


I thought I was living with children, but this weekend brought me to the realization that they are actually height challenged beings from a Disney movie (except only six live here, Bashsful undoubtedly stayed in Hollywood). We have Busy, Mouthy, Whiny, Twitchy, Grouchy and Spock (who has calculated exactly how many days of school are left until he graduates. He was quite put out when he tried to figure out his undergrad, Master's and Doctoral program and I explained it would vary.)

Friday, May 19, 2006

For Mom

Today would have been my mom's 79th birthday. She died 13 years ago when I was pregnant with S. My mom wasn't like all the other moms. She didn't sew, she didn't decorate, she didn't wear makeup. She worked a full time job my whole childhood. What she did do was teach me to throw a softball, hit a lay up and stand up for myself. She was a tomboy in the '30's when that was not a good thing. She and dad were married 14 years before I was born. It was the '60's when no one knew why some people just didn't conceive. Who knows why she suddenly got pregnant with me or my brother two years later and that was it. She was 35 when I was born, practically ancient back then. She always made me feel like I was a long awaited present and not some horrible suprise foisted on her. She knew how to not offer her advice unless asked and mop up the pieces when her advice would have helped me avoid a screw up. I still miss her.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Noah, Noah

Hurry up on that ark already! I am sick unto death of rain. It's been raining for 8 days. Yesterday it held off until 5:35. I of course had unloaded my kids at the park for a ball game at 5:30. Right now it is very dark and windy, another thunderstorm will probably hit at 1:00pm,since that is when the library opens.

E left for her 8th grade trip on yesterday morning at 6:30am. Tonight they are supposed to have dinner on a cruise on the Ohio river. I hope the weather their is better for them. This weekend should be really busy if it stops raining. Ball pics and practices, dance dress rehearsal, dance recital and brownie meeting. On the bright side Tuesday is the kids' last day of school. Yeah!! No more lunch packing, school events, meetings,etc. I'm looking forward to it as much as they are.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sometimes, kids just crack me up. Today's humorous observation concerned my 5yo's comments about 14yo dd's friend. Megan came in and gave F a big hug. He turned to me and said in earnest "She has a cwush on me. I wiw be gentwe with herw". Where did he hear that phrase? Later today he couldn't get his jacket zipped, he sighed and cursed "Oh, snickerdoodle!" Ah, at least it seems to be the worst word he knows right now.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Soggy Weekend Notes

* darn, ball games cancelled Friday night, I so wanted to sit in the rain on damp bleachers again

* maybe I should have qualified that wish for rain
* Hoodwinked was just ok, glad we saw it at the free movie

*still raining
*children express surprise that today is Mother's Day
*dh, aka gloomy gus, offers to take me out to eat, all restaurants are full, end up with a burrito
*do grocery shopping while I'm out

*enough of the rain already
*what kind of control freak am I, why should dh's mood effect mine? but it does darn it, quit griping already (yes, I see the irony there)

Friday, May 12, 2006


So say it's a 40 degree, rainy day. Would you spend 3 1/2 hours sitting on damp wooden bleachers, hunched into your winter coat, watching your blue limbed youngster in tank top and shorts circle a track endlessy? Of course you would, because you are a parent.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Officially Beyond Redemption

Getting a mini-van was lowering, getting the 15 passenger van was a sure step towards geezerdom, but this proves my cool card is gone and I'm beyond coolness redemption
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On the plus side, I no longer worry that A is going to launch herself sideways in the baby carrier seat and send us both to a bloody meeting with the road. It also has the added benefit of letting F ride along if, say, I want to get somewhere minus the minute by minute stops to observe something interesting or the stomach grabbing nausea when I wonder if he'll get braked before shooting out in front of a car.

Not much else going on here. I took F and A to the zoo Monday. They imitated the orangutangs, loudly, for a loooong time, all through the zoo. They had a wonderful time, but really, I think people were ready for us to leave. We ate sandwiches and gold fish at the park and they played. Amazing how nice it is when 1) some older child isn't rolling his/her eyes at the horror of being at the zoo or 2) pleading for ice cream/hot dogs/popcorn. because you know that is only good when overpriced. The same thing at home is just dull. Duh!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Bits and pieces is what I feel like I have left after a hectic week. One more week of craziness and then things slow down.

* This may be the only graduation this one ever attends so let's enjoy the pic.
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He is staring to the side because that was where the cookie table was located. I spent all day reminding him to sing loud and speak clearly. Big mistake! He shouted all the words. No problem hearing him. It's never good when afterwards people smile and tell you what a "character" your kid is.

* S survived three track meets this week and is spending the weekend camping with Scouts

* E survived three major school presentations and is going to an all night party both Friday and Saturday night

* L is invited to a skating birthday party on Saturday and a swimming one next week

* who are these people who throw elaborate parties for their kids?

* may a curse be upon all parents who take their dd to Build-A-Bear and pay $50 for a $3 stuffed animal and thus make your dd lust for same

*this weekend also includes three baseball practices and a brownie meeting

*how come I get so tired of running them around and listening to the bickering but it is TOO quiet when three are gone at once?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Boringly Busy or Busily Boring

I haven't posted because things have been busy, yet yawninly mundane to read about. Sunday we took the kids swimming. Monday I had a migraine and did nothing. E had to walk F to T-ball practice and S had a track meet. Tuesday was track practice, L had ball practice, E had dance and S had to be in the next town 18 miles away for a Boy Scout meeting. He's a patrol leader and they were planning this weekend's campout so he had to go. E and L ended up walking again. Tonight is F's pre-school graduation, S has a track meet and E has ball practice. Can you hear me panting trying to keep up? Dh is working evenings so it's just me. How mean is it to make your kid walk home from a track meet at 8pm? I'll figure it out. See very boring to read about but it prevents us from doing anything interesting to blog about!
Oh, and even more boring minutae. How come the kid who looks like she hasn't grown at all (did I mention she's the one I ignore) has absolutely no shorts or shirts that don't look like they are owned by Daisy Duke, not that a 7yo Daisy Duke might not be cool. Argh, I might have to go to a store! Yucky, yucky, yuck!!!!!