Monday, July 23, 2007

Not much, you?

Nothing wrong here, just busy, tired and uninspired. So, here's some pics.

Just Being Cute
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L's Team won the coach's pitch championship
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Whose kid dumped the cooler on the coach, why mine of course
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Savoring Summer

The weather has been most un-Hoosier like, warm and sunny but not God-awful humid. I'm enjoying it because I know we'll be paying for it at some point. The non 98 degree/95% humidity has been wonderful for my pregnant self. I admit to being quite apathetic about physical exertion when it has been hot. I am also missing my boys, especially as I lugged in groceries including the 25lb bag of puppy food. It's bittersweet they are growing up, but damned handy when you want something heavy lugged around. (E offerred to help. I suggested undoing thousands of dollars of surgery would not be cost effective.) Tonight I'm taking the kids to the fireworks. Dh is working tonight and tomorrow, which is a bummer, but much better than Christmas or Thanksgiving. I'm also enjoying listening to E and L discussing tatoos right now. I'm not sure I want my 8yo thinking about tatoos. They've decided it would look tacky if you become a lawyer or when you get "really old like 40 and all wrinkly." It appears they're both going for a belly ring though. I think I'll just slink my old, wrinkly over 40 body off to the kitchen for some lemonade.

Monday, July 02, 2007


A jam packed weekend. I forgot (of course) to take my camera to the parade where F looked adorable on his t-ball float. They all had red, white and blue Cat in the Hat hats. They looked like 4th of July elves. I also forgot to take it to the games and the pedal tractor pull where F actually won a trophy for 2nd place in his weight class.
On Sunday I took S and C for a week at Boy Scout camp. I am trying to ignore the fact they will be using sharp implements, starting things on fire, shooting weapons and generally enjoying The Dangerous Life for Boys. Actually they looked quite manly carrying all their gear and setting up their campsite. They could be turning out much worse.