Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 1 2013/2014 School Year

I was in no way ready to start but we did it. The first week is under our belt. This year L is doing online High School so that relieves some stress. F is in 7th, AR is in 4th and AC starts K. We eased into things. CLE for F, Math Mammoth for AR and Rightstart for AD. AR had free reading all week while F started BJU press middle school literature. I'm not a fan of the company but the book was a freebie. Surprisingly he's really liking the stories and hasn't balked at writing up the comprehension questions. It's early days yet of course. We focused mostly on history and science this week. Stone age man was a big hit with lots of Horrible Histories and Time Warp Trio thrown in. The younger girls are doing Magic School Bus of my own invention this year and we started with "For Lunch" and focused on digestion. We did this this experiment by making a stomach from a baggie and an intestine from a panty hose. Pretty cool and I think it'll stick with them. F added in a cool science book about the body from a zombie perspective. We even managed a field trip to the zoo. All in all a good week

Been A Long Time

OK, let's see if keeping a record of the school year can sway me away from the evil FB

Friday, June 17, 2011

Round Up Of The Week

A fun but busy week. If I thought things would be slower post Bible school I was wrong.

L did basket weaving, hemp jewelry and crochet classes. She also took a placement test to see if pre-algebra is where she needs to be next year. She also filled up her library summer reading sheet. She also worked concessions at the ball park.

F-man did a bowling class on Wednesday and of course did vision therapy daily. He also did math, Writing Strands and read, read, read. Yeah!

Miss Mel-she did bowling with F-man along with dance. Math, LA and reading happened and baseball of course.

Miss Ads is quickly working her way through Before Five In A Row books and did dance.

Don't think it's all work though...lots of swimming, playing, friends and ice cream have been enjoyed too.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week #2

Well, we went from humid, hot August like weather back to cool, sunny May weather. Both of which are fine but it's June. Probably not much swimming this week. Here's what we do have
L-crochet, hemp jewelry and basket making. She's also working concessions at the ball park and orthodontist Thursday.
Miss Mel-two baseball games and bowling and dance on Friday. We'll start CLE math 204 and we're still working on first grade LA
F-man-the boy is lucky enough to have lots of friends in town and at 10 they are all old enough to go off on their bikes. He will also do bowling with Mel. He will continue Math 407, Writing Strands and library reading.
Miss Ads-dance on Friday and listening to library books.

The older kids continue running, dentist appointments and hanging out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


What perfect weather today-sunny and 75! We walked all the Bible School kids between 4 churches to sing. The girls hung out with me while the boys went to see Super 8. I made a fire and we made pudgy pies and s'mores and played badminton. Not a bad summer day.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Rain-Oh Surprise

After a horribly wet May we've had some scorching days but today it's pouring again. I feel so bad for the farmers not to mention my own water logged garden. Luckily today's plan didn't include mandatory sun. The little two have Parks Dept. Dance classes and L has her last drawing class this morning. We'll fit school around that. Yesterday while I was gone Miss Mel did what she thought was her lesson. It was the unit test. She missed one question so I guess we can move on to the next unit! Tonight is the last Bible School. They've done a good job. F-man didn't want to go but by last night 4or5of his buds were there too. If you can get 10yo boys interested you've done a good job.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Day 2

I can't imagine I'll remember to make daily posts, but this will hopefully let me look back in August and remember we did do more that sit around.

Today's Line Up
deliver kid who stayed all night after Bible School
Mel~math and LA lesson, read 30 minutes
F~man~math, writing strands lesson, read 30 minutes, vision therapy

F-man will go to Bluffton MMO with me to hang with a friend while Lily is at drawing class. The weather is gray and drizzly today instead of 100 degrees so we may bake this afternoon. We might fit in a game of science trivia too. Mel has a baseball game scheduled tonight but it's not looking good for that. The day could change though. We also have night 4 of Bible School. They have had fun but it runs until 8:30 which has made for a cranky Ads. We're early to bed, early to rise people. Can't help it.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Even though everyone was done with school by the end of May this week feels like the first week of summer. Last week was sort of a long weekend where I let them gorge on TV and computer and video games. This week is different. For starters I've declared no TV between 9 and 4 unless it's history or science. That mollified the older kids who watch that stuff for fun and earned me a rare temper tantrum from the 7 yo. She's the one most likely to sit in a Nickelodeon stupor so mission accomplished. So far since the heat has zoomed into the mid-nineties that means lots of reading and hanging out in the kiddie pool for the 7 and 3 yo. The 10 yo takes off with his friends and mostly just reappears when the pack of "dudes" gets a hankering for a Popsicle. I love he can do that in our bitty town.

There is still learning going on. We are working through math, grammar and reading each morning. F-man is also trying Writin Strands. He is working hard on his vision therapy. Next week is his 8 week evaluation. I feel there has been improvement. We are taking full advantage of free programs this summer. The library reading program of course, which includes a story/craft time for littles and other activities for the older kids. L is taking a drawing class through the parks dept this week. We'll be picking her up, having a picnic and going swimming today. I've got to make a trip to the "big town" worth it. Actually after pricing art/drama classes the gas to drive her to free classes is a bargain. The youngest three are also going to Bible School this week ( I'm helping with snacks) and L is helping to corral the pre-schoolers. Lastly we are still playing soccer and baseball. I've booted the yard work to the teen boys and Emma is taking classes and working. The first one who tells me they are bored gets sold to the carnival.