Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So We Played

No posts because we were far too busy playing. We got the rooms moved, did all sorts of family stuff, and celebrated another birthday. E turned 16 on Monday. I finally bought her the futon I promised her 3 years ago. (I'm glad she's patient) so her room now looks like someone's studio apartment. L (who is 9) is pushing her to move out as soon as possible, because she wants the room. The boys seem happy in the cold, dank but video game rich environment of the basement. There was even some evidence that spring may come to Indiana one day soon. Sorry no pictures of E or her room. What could be less cool than appearing on your mom's blog. Now on to next month when she can take her driver's test. Please Lord, let her get her license to there will be one less kid to cart around. Did I mention it's track season,...and soccer season....and baseball season.....you get the idea.

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truth said...

Sometimes your home sounds much like mine, at least a few years ago. My baby will get her license in June. (I would have let her get it in March when she turned 16 but thanks to the over zealous legislators, she has to wait.)