Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Friday

What's going on around here? A long week. Dh has a nine day stretch of work ending next Wednesday and featuring two ten hour days this weekend. Mayhap's he'll be a little crabby? The teens are running around doing teenish things, movies, staying at friends, track, soccer. Grade cards came last week. Straight A's across the board. I'm not sure if that really says anything about my kids or about the system. Home schooly boy? Here he is displaying his play-doh solar system.

The tangled up rabbit dropping thing is the asteroid belt (which twisted in the picture) which he insisted must be included. He learned that anyway. Tomorrow is his birthday. Eight!!! My sweet little boy is turning all mannish, eschewing things that are sissy, pink, lame or stupid. We are having a non-party birthday party which means about six of his friends are coming for cake, video games, movies, trampoline jumping and general mayhem with no real planning from me.

What else? I've been doing some hit or miss first grade stuff with Mel as she feels like it. She would be a dream to homeschool since she doesn't know she's not supposed to be interested. She wants to go to Kindergarten though. She, quite frankly, is the little queen bee of pre-school and likes having minions. We'll see.

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