Saturday, September 04, 2010

Week #3 in Review

I need to start taking more pictures of actual educational activities.
Fman-worked through some simple division, decimals and took a LU quiz. He got 99% Woot!
Miss Mel-learned the new facts 5+2=7 and 4+2=6. Did lots of place value with the abacus and generally thought math was easy
We enjoyed the tail end of summer. Monday and Tuesday were downright hot. We enjoyed the splash park almost all by ourselves.LA~
Fman-took the LU test and got 93%. He also wrote a friendly (it was supposed to be friendly but his mood made that iffy) letter. We've moved on to paragraphs.
Miss Mel-continued in LTR at a blistering pace. She could probably jump ahead but I don't want to push. She has mastered the period and question mark.

We enjoyed picnics too.

History~we continued our Native American studies. We compared woodland, plains and Pacific coastal tribes. We made totem poles (which I can't find to photograph). We read many, many library books on the topics. We also made cardboard (birchbark) canoes.

Science~I was gifted an AO Lifepak 4th grade science set. The first unit is plants so we finished that (Miss Mel listening in) and worked on identifiying tress in our area. We started a leaf book. We identified the leaves and made crayon rubbings of them too. We talked about what each tree is used for. Miss Mel also listened to the story The Class Leaf Project.

Some of us lay down and thought deep thoughts.

Read Alouds~Fman and I finished The Birchbark House. He didn't like it. Oh well. We also listened to a Cherokee storyteller on Teacher Tube tell some traditional stories which was cool. Miss Mel grudgingly sat through some House at Pooh Corner to get to her obsession with Junie B. Jones

Some of us didn't think such deep thoughts.
Extras~We did paintings in the style of Mondrian, had soccer practice, went to L's cross country meet, went to the older boys' Court of Honor and generally kept very busy.


Amy said...

Sounds like you got much accomplished this week! The Splash Park looks fun. I wish we had something like that around here.

Paula said...

You are amazing! Don't know how you do it! How long do you plan to homeschool them?