Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week #14~We Need A Break Addition

Four more weeks to the half way point! Yeah! Though we work all year but technically you get what I mean. This week just seemed to be a slog. Nothing horrible but a grumpy mom and poky children resulted in something like this

F-man~He got a 98 on a LA test which is awesome. LA is, well let's say it's far from his favorite subject. We're at the halfway point in his LA books so right on schedule there. Math is going well. He totally has his multiplication/division down. We're finishing up a reading book he started last summer and then we'll go back to his CLE reading.

Miss Mel~We're pushing to get her LTR books done so we can start her reading textbook in Jan. That is my fault because I think they cram an awful lot into one lesson. Of course if we're not right on target it's not a crisis. How many PS teachers are off their syllabus too? Math is fine though I'm trying to add in more math games for fun.

History~We're still working with the Pilgrims. We've spent a lot of time on day to day life so they get a better sense of what things were like and not so much time on dates. This site has really given us fun stuff to do and a quiz to boot. We've also been watching videos from various places and doing the Magic Treehouse study guide. This was the favorite book of the week

Of course we've done umpteen art projects and crafts and a thankfulness tree.

Science~Insects were the topic of the week. Along with our science book we used this site from the University of Illinois. There's lots of other stuff there. We also watched
We finished up insects and watched the Magic Schoolbus Bugs and played this game.

In addition to our co-op Spanish we've been watching these programs from GA public television. They are extremely well done and are a nice complement. Of course there were lots more art projects and walks and read alouds but I'm to tired to remember them or go take pictures now. Here's to next week and only having two days in the schedule.


Bright Sky Mom said...

Hmm, my week could've used a similar cartoon. But now that it's Friday and the work is done and the house is straight and we even had homemade pizza for dinner, I feel better. :) Is LTR Lord of the Rings? Are you using LLfLotRs?
I bookmarked the Pilgrim link to check out...

Karen said...

Funny cartoon! I didn't have a screaming type of week, more of a silent crying, I'm so exhausted week. Regardless, here's to a better week for all of us!

Mandy in TN said...

I think LTR is Learning to Read, but I like how you think, Lee. ;-) Thanks for sharing the cartoon, LOL, I think everyone lives that day occassionally.

Regena said...

As the parent of one entering adolescence, I could add to that cartoon that the cat will become quite disturbed, too, LOL!

Bethany said...

I love, love, love this cartoon.

It could be around our place this happens once a day. :)

Thanks for the smile,

Mrs. Brooke said...

I think we're all getting to that point right now, glad for the break we're taking this week.

Your cartoon made me laugh...when I yell, it makes the baby cry, which isn't nearly as funny.