Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 1 2013/2014 School Year

I was in no way ready to start but we did it. The first week is under our belt. This year L is doing online High School so that relieves some stress. F is in 7th, AR is in 4th and AC starts K. We eased into things. CLE for F, Math Mammoth for AR and Rightstart for AD. AR had free reading all week while F started BJU press middle school literature. I'm not a fan of the company but the book was a freebie. Surprisingly he's really liking the stories and hasn't balked at writing up the comprehension questions. It's early days yet of course. We focused mostly on history and science this week. Stone age man was a big hit with lots of Horrible Histories and Time Warp Trio thrown in. The younger girls are doing Magic School Bus of my own invention this year and we started with "For Lunch" and focused on digestion. We did this this experiment by making a stomach from a baggie and an intestine from a panty hose. Pretty cool and I think it'll stick with them. F added in a cool science book about the body from a zombie perspective. We even managed a field trip to the zoo. All in all a good week