Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Six Years Ago

...I drove myself to the hospital (after ignoring their instructions not to drink coffee) at an ungodly hour for a c-section. Dh had to stay home to get the kids to school and daycare. An hour before the scheduled surgery I felt an unbelievable swish. The baby finally turned, when weeks of massaging, hand standing and pelvic elevating has done nothing. I knew then this little one would be a challenge. Since I was there, and had already lost my plug and had been walking around 3-4 cm dialated anyway I screamed....induce! I was afraid he'd flip back. Four hours after they started the pit he was here. Not too bad for an induction. I was right about F being different. He is a type B amid a type A household. He is busy, busy, busy, talks all the time but has nothing to say, has zero interest in books, writing letters or art but is fascinated by all the outdoors. Despite the fact he is an exhausting tornado of movement he is my most loving, cuddling child. He calls me his 'sweet muffin'. I don't know why, but what mom could argue.
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