Saturday, June 23, 2007


Back-the literal reason for the long abscence. E had her surgery on June 11. I'll try to give the synopsized version here. The surgery took about 7 hours. They inserted to titanium rods, pulled her spine as straight as possible(85 degrees to 20 degrees, evidently a very good correction), then chipped her spine so it will fuse. Her incision is about 18" long. Sounds fun doesn't it. On Tuesday her hemoglobing had dropped to 6.9 so she got 2 units of blood. On Wednesday they found her chest cavity had filled with blood (thus the missing hemoglobin), so a chest tube was put in. I got to be there for that at least. She remained in ICU until Friday when they moved her to med/surg. On Sunday evening I finally got to bring her home. This week I've played nurse. She is in alot of pain (though she is progressing). She is still feeling bad enough that she's not bored and isn't interested in her iPod or books. I'm almost looking forward to her whining. At least I'll know she feels better.
Anyway, I'm tired from running to the hospital and now helping her at home, plus getting everyone else to Brownie camp, ball games, birthday parties, etc. Today is finally not 95 degrees which should go a long way to making me feel more human.


Dot said...

Continued prayers for her recovery.


Kathy said...

Hope she is feeling much better soon.

Annalise said...

How scary. :-( Hope she recovers quickly!

Jody said...

Oh my goodness. Bless your hearts.