Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Pre-Cap

or re-cap, or list of things because I no longer have two working brain cells to create an actual post.

*It's hot. I know you knew that, and maybe it isn't the heat, maybe it's the shadeless baseball seating, or the hard and splintery (shall we say vintage) bleachers, or the sweat and popsicle stained children who insist on climbing on me, nearly always kneeing my expansive belly. Whatever....

*Baseball tourney time is upon us.

*Next week is Boy Scout camp. I need to get them the stuff they need.

*They also have Friday sports physicals and an asthma check for S scheduled Friday.

*This weekend is our town's big festival. Each healthy kid seems to be in four events.

*Getting up at 2:00am with a newborn is much easier than getting up with a 15 year old. You can just feed the baby and take it back to bed. It doesn't require pain meds, it doesn't stare listlessly at the ceiling, and it doesn't do that lamaze- type breathing that lets you know it hurts while denying it.

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