Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Savoring Summer

The weather has been most un-Hoosier like, warm and sunny but not God-awful humid. I'm enjoying it because I know we'll be paying for it at some point. The non 98 degree/95% humidity has been wonderful for my pregnant self. I admit to being quite apathetic about physical exertion when it has been hot. I am also missing my boys, especially as I lugged in groceries including the 25lb bag of puppy food. It's bittersweet they are growing up, but damned handy when you want something heavy lugged around. (E offerred to help. I suggested undoing thousands of dollars of surgery would not be cost effective.) Tonight I'm taking the kids to the fireworks. Dh is working tonight and tomorrow, which is a bummer, but much better than Christmas or Thanksgiving. I'm also enjoying listening to E and L discussing tatoos right now. I'm not sure I want my 8yo thinking about tatoos. They've decided it would look tacky if you become a lawyer or when you get "really old like 40 and all wrinkly." It appears they're both going for a belly ring though. I think I'll just slink my old, wrinkly over 40 body off to the kitchen for some lemonade.

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Gretchen said...

ROFL if they are worried about how tatoos will look on wrinkly skin, shouldn't they be concerned how belly rings will look on stretch-marked bellies? Ah yes, I join the ranks of the OLD this year (40 in Sept) but I tell you, my body got there a long time ago! LOL