Monday, July 02, 2007


A jam packed weekend. I forgot (of course) to take my camera to the parade where F looked adorable on his t-ball float. They all had red, white and blue Cat in the Hat hats. They looked like 4th of July elves. I also forgot to take it to the games and the pedal tractor pull where F actually won a trophy for 2nd place in his weight class.
On Sunday I took S and C for a week at Boy Scout camp. I am trying to ignore the fact they will be using sharp implements, starting things on fire, shooting weapons and generally enjoying The Dangerous Life for Boys. Actually they looked quite manly carrying all their gear and setting up their campsite. They could be turning out much worse.


Jody said...

Cory got back last week, and I felt the same way as you watching him leave to go to camp.

He had signed up for Wilderness badge, so he was supposed spend the night out in the woods without a sleeping bag, and I wringing my hands. LOL

Kathy said...

Hope they have a good time at camp, and good luck not thinking too much about what they are doing there.

How's your dd doing. Is the pain getting better.

Hope you are feeling well.