Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Thanksgiving is upon us and I have no idea what I'll be taking. My kids suggestions have been interesting-chocolate chip cookies, milk shakes, crescent rolls--that would make for an interesting feast.
In other news, the hot water heater died Sunday night. I concluded it was dead by wading onto the back porch. New one is in now and the back has dried out. So much for that little extra put back for Christmas. Which I wouldn't need 'til mid-December anyway since I hate Christmas (and most other) shopping. I see Kohl's is opening at 4am on Friday. Is it really worth getting up at 2am to get a $3 sweater?????

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NannyOgg said...

No,it is NOT worth it. At least, not in my universe. I'd rather go to the thrift store during the day ^^

I like your kids suggestions. I am all for non traditional thanksgivings.