Tuesday, February 26, 2008


First of all, I've been MIA due to the death flu. Death flu I tell you.

Over at Like Merchant Ships a 1950's menu has been experimented with. It made me wonder about our menus. The kids say no one else eats the stuff we do. This really means that I won't let them live on a chicken nugget, happy meal, hot dog, frozen pizza diet. And they quite happily would. I though I'd compare our typical week. It should be noted last week they ate(the ones who were eating) whatever their brother or sister scared up which I believe was lots of eggs and toast and soup and sandwich.

B-toast and cocoa
L-roast, potato, carrots, pudding
D-leftovers from lunch

B-cereal & milk
L-soup and sandwich *note-kids and dh take lunch to work/school
D-homemade breadsticks, spaghetti (no meat just sacue), salad, homemade chocolate chip cookies

B-pancakes(homemade), milk
L-hotdogs, corn chips, applesauce (snowday)
D-chicken breasts, homemade biscuits, green beans, ice cream

B-oatmeal&fruits, milk
L-grilled cheese & tomato soup
D-salsbury steak(homemade),mashed potato(homemade),corn, graham crackers w/frosting(homemade)

D-chicken spaghetti, peas, fruit salad(it has marshmallows, it's dessert)

B-pancakes(homemade frozen), milk
L-leftovers or pbj
D-homemade pizza, veggie sticks(only I will probably eat them), ice cream

B-cinnamon toast & cocoa
L-meat sandwiches, corn chips, fruit bowl
D-pork chops, dressing, broccoli, homemade cookies (I'm letting the kids practice every weekend)

B-pumpkin muffins(homemade) & milk
L-lasagna, salad, green beans, hershey kisses
D-scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, sausage, OJ

So that's it, a week of menus. Some nights will get switched with others. It's not set in stone. It just means I only had to think once. As for all the homemade stuff. 1) it's cheaper (and my family eats quantity baby), 2) It's healthier, 3) I'm trying to keep my squirrely 6yo away from food dye and this is about the only way to do it. I've found that most of this stuff I make so often (pancakes, cookies) that I don't even need the recipe anymore. It is also important to have everything handy. If I had to walk across the kitchen for an ingredient or climb up somewhere to get a pan I'd never do it. Find what works for you!

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ma said...

Guess we are no one lol.

We try to eat less cereal and more homemade muffins or breakfast cakes for breakfast because cold cereal is just so $$.

When Reg is working and a kid volunteers to make supper I let them. They often just eat homemade cookies so I guess that makes us different lol