Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Four Year Old Follies

Lately, Mel seems to have been infected with some virulent virus that renders the victim a diva. All comments are made with a flip of the head and a hand on her hip. She does not like boys, even her dad and brothers, even her beloved 'Connie', because, well, they are boys. Duh! She does however adore her baby sister. Ad is her baby. She even thanks me for getting her a baby at the hospital. Hmm, if I'd only known it was that easy. Heck, I could have checked ebay. She also cracks me up, just saying goofy things. Most of which I forget before writing them down for posterity. Or her baby book. I think I did buy her a baby book. Anyway, while baking yesterday, I gave her the eggs to crack with admonishment to be careful. Her reply, "Don't worry mom, I'm a professional." Hmmm, lawyer, doctor, egg cracker, what will it be?

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