Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not One

Not one stinking good picture could I get. So ignore the angry 14yo and the equally annoyed 4yo, and the 6mo who was done taking pictures already.

It was a nice day, despite the snow. The snow that cancelled the Easter Egg hunt here in town yesterday. We, being made of sterner stuff, had our traditional Easter basket clues and searched diligently through the sleet and mire for chocolate bunnies. Family came, church was attended and the evening ended with a round of vomiting by the 9yo. Here's hoping it was too many goodies and not a virus. Please, not a virus!


truth said...

Ah they look lovely! Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Anita Ann said...

a least they are all looking at the camera. Beautiful bunch.

Paula said...

They are gorgeous, Lisa, even when they aren't smiling!