Friday, June 06, 2008

Too Much

The kids are out of school and evidently we had to cram all of summer into this first week. Swimming, biking, library summer reading (yes, they are nearly done), ball games, cook outs, whew! I'm looking at the calendar amazed. Next week is Bible school and Cub Scout day camp, the next week Girl Scout Day camp (oldest is helping, 9yo is camping), the week after all three boys go to Church camp, then it's the 4th and our town's festival, Boy Scout residence camp for the oldest two boys, then our little vacation and finally the two oldest girls go to church camp (one to camp, one to be a counselor). Then we wind down with summer band. Oh and we have to finish soccer and softball/baseball season, and 4-H. Oldest dd has a babysitting job every other weekend 2-10 and oldest ds is mowing yards for cash. Lazy,hazy days? No one kid is doing that much, it's just the steady stream when you have more than one or two that takes up time. And it's really not bad when you're doing it, but when you start marking days off the calendar it hits you just how busy we are.

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