Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tuna (fish, not a piano)

Over at Frugal Upstate, the topic is tuna. Well, actually it's cheap meals. Last week was eggs. I could have contributed this recipe then too. Eggs and tuna, two, two, two cheap protein sources in one. This I got from a hawaiian site but I changed some things.

12 large fresh eggs
1 whole fresh clove of garlic-smashed, peeled, and minced fine
1 medium round white or yellow onion-peeled, sliced, diced, and chopped fine
1 large ripe red tomato-sliced, diced, and chopped fine
1 green pepper, diced fine
2 cans tuna fish packed in water
fresh cracked black pepper to taste
1 pinch salt

canola oil for frying
Crack eggs into a mixing bowl and remove any shell particles.
Open 2 cans tuna and water from can into another small bowl. Use a fork to smash up the tuna into mashed tuna flakes.
Add flaked tuna into mixing bowl with eggs and scramble with a wire whisk. Add salt, pepper and mix well. Set aside.
Heat large frying pan and add enough oil. About 4 Tbsp or so.
When oil is almost smoking add onions, garlic, tomatoes, and green pepper. Saute until vegetables are cooked down and wilted. About 5 minutes.
Add scrambled tuna egg mixture to frying pan. Stir it to mix in veggies.
Keep scrambling the eggs until they are set.
Add more oil if needed. Cooking will continue for an additional 5-10 minutes.
Serves 4 I serve this with
a) toast
b) rice (in which case I add fish sauce)
c) pasta (in which case I add anchovies and capers)

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