Friday, September 12, 2008

The Obvious

It seems frugality has become a fad. At least I was on the leading edge of this one. Of course I'm going to hang on to it long after it has passed. I get that the economy has converged with simplicity which has converged with the internet to create what I think of as 'frugal mania.' I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I am just flummoxed at the things people don't know. I see tips and think, um well duh! So in no particular order the things people say that just amaze me. And if these were new to you, I want to be you!

1) Save first-yes, if you don't save you won't have extra money.
2) Eat at home-check the price of a whole chicken, even pre-roasted at the grocery and compare to a McChicken sandwich.
3) Turn off your lights-even my dad was hip to this one in 1976.
4 ) Don't drive so much-why yes, that would reduce gas usage. This of course doesn't take those of us who live 20 miles from
anything (including my kids school) into account.
5) Use the library-I lurve my library. I probably have an unhealthy relationship with my library, but considering the number of
books I could be buying, I'll risk it. That doesn't count music, movies, kids programs, all for free.
6) Disposable are expensive-mop heads, diapers, plates. All of the above. If you buy it to throw it away you'll be hard pressed
to get a deal. Now I have used all of the above when dictated by the situation, but hey, I knew it wasn't cheap.
7) Bring your own coffee-They charge $5 for sugary milk coffee. Bring your own, it tastes better. If you crave the flavor buy a
bottle of flavored syrup.
8) Water-use the tap. A close corollary of #7.
9) Try used-yep, when people can't afford their stuff they'll sell it to you cheap.
10)Try store brands-that's why they list those prices there on the shelf.


ma said...

LOL, I'm right there with you. I gave up looking at "new" tips. I wanted to learn something I didn't know not think duh.

I grew up in a home that didn't have much money. I was born cheap too so it might just be me thats weird lol

Annalise said...

I know what you mean, it always makes me roll my eyes when I read "tips" like "take a packed lunch to work instead of eating out". Gosh, thanks, I really hadn't thought of that!!

Jody said...

I know. It is funny how it became a fad. Like no one knew how to be frugal before blogs.