Monday, August 17, 2009

Menu Monday

I have to take F to get a tooth filled today. That's about it on the excitement calendar.

Yes, I realize this is of no interest to anyone but me (and the people forced to eat my cooking) but I gotta put this somewhere so I remember.

Mon-chicken&rice casserole w/ broccoli, grapes
Tue-husband's delight casserole, carrots, strawberries
Wed-pasta w/spinach&cheese, fruit salad
Thu-ratatouille (ok, it's vegetable stew, but it sounds better all fancified) on rice, peach cobbler
Fri-cheese filled breadsticks w/pizza sauce to dip, fruit plate (all the bits and pieces w/chocolate dip)
Sat-corndog casserole, green beans, applesauce
Sun mac&cheese, broccoli and mandarin oranges

1 comment:

ma said...

lol i like your monday menu. last week you inspired me to make bread sticks and dip. seems silly but it was a big hit.