Saturday, August 01, 2009

Trying To Be A Planner

We jumped into the homeschool thing mid stream last year. We've kept at it since, doing a little bit every morning this summer (when F wasn't at camp, bible school or some other event) but.....we've just done whatever looked good in no particular order. This year will be more difficult. Miss Ads will be 2. Enough said there. Mel will be joining us too. She will only go to K from 8:30-10:30. K has become all day/every day here. I just think that is too much. I asked for a half day and this is what it will be. It seems the kindergartners eat lunch at 10:30. Good grief, I'm just considering something solid at that hour. Anyway, we will start the year this way because she really wants to go. If it's a huge pain in the behind I'll just keep her home second semester. Oh yeah, back to the plan. Can you see why I might need a plan. ADD mom here. I have figured out that 15 minutes is about as long as F can tolerate seat work so it's short and sweet and repeat.

We usually start at 8:30 too so
8:30-8:45 Singapore Math and Time4Learning Math

wiggle break

9:00-9:15 KISS Grammar M,W,F and Time4Learning LA
Creative Writing T,Th

9:30-9:45 Vocab/spelling

10:00-10:15 Finish any of the above work

10:15-10:30 Independent Reading

Sissy Home!!!! They'll do history and science together

11:00 Lunch, Sonlight History while they eat. It's read aloud.

12:00 Ads to nap, Sonlight Science

12:30 Read aloud story


In the afternoon they can do puzzles, read more, play outside or come with me to do errands and go to the library. I have workbooks that Mel likes to do for fun, just simple phonics and counting things.

P.E. is covered by playing soccer in the fall and spring and baseball in the summer. We'll probably participate in homeschool music classes for 6 weeks and he is a Cub Scout and attends church Kids Klub. His friends get home at 3:45 and he is out of here to play with them at 4:00. The kid has plenty of friends. Mel will play soccer and t-ball, be a Daisy Scout and attend Kids Klub. She is harder to find playmates for because people don't tend to let their kindergartners run around on their own as much as third graders.

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Paula said...

Doesn't it get hot wearing that Supermom t-shirt every day, all day long, under your other clothing?!