Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fun So Far

We've been trying to squeeze some fun out of this break without spending any dollars. I did have to spend money at the doctor's yesterday because Mel has managed to get a double ear infection. I don't think she's ever had one before. Strange to wait until she's six. Hmm, what have we done?
The egg hunt of course

We did the traditional scavenger hunt for the baskets. Never start these traditions if you don't want to do them for 20 freaking years. That afternoon we went walking in the woods to a nearby pond and the kids caught little frogs.

Yesterday we worked our butts off cleaning (mean mommy) and while I was gone taking Mel to the doc C and L took F and Ads outside and to the library. They got some movies we haven't seen. Score!

Today after more cleaning (I have an agenda) I took them out to the reservoir where we flew kites, played tag, shot hoops, blew bubbles, drew with chalk and went for a walk in the woods. I have a fairly decent batch of horticultural/forest trivia in my head from being raised by the Clampetts. I'm going to call it nature study. We saw lots of wildflowers. Even found some bloodroot and Dutchmen's Breeches (I say britches). Oh, and these

Yellow Trout Lily

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