Friday, August 20, 2010

First Week of School Wrap Up

The first week is over here. Whew! I am easing into it so we didn't have tons to do. Our first day included fun 'all about you' work and Schulteuete. We got to grammar and math everyday, began our study of ancient pre-columbian civilizations, did a clay project to make an Aztec snake god and did a paper sculpture for art. We started read-aloud time too. Not a crushing schedule but the 'fun' stuff really helped get the year off to a good start I think. Next week we're adding in reading. We'll do science in a nature sort of way next week by starting a tree/leaf project.


dawn said...

Like the tshirt picture :)

I like to slowly add things too. It isn't such a shock to the system.

Daisy said...

I need to plan more fun stuff for next week. We started out with a light week and will gradually add in our other subjects also.

Sounds like a wonderful week.

Robyn said...

I like your Einstein quote! Sounds like a great first week! We've been easing in too...we did do school over the summer, but not full force.