Friday, August 27, 2010

Week#2 in Review

A busy week as Chez S. Amid birthday celebrations and soccer games/practices we actually did some school work. The weather was UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC. We spent as much time outside as we could. What we got done bookwork wise:
F Man
Math~He had his first LU test. He got 93.5% Not bad for a kid who thought he was 'dumb' in math.
LA~ He finally seems to understand subject/predicate. That was a long slog. He wrote a friendly letter and got 100% on his spelling test.
History~We've begun working with Native Americans, we read from our school books and added "How Would You Survive As An American Indian". After we looked at the Anasazi he painted petroglyphs which he said was his favorite thing. Today we'll make shields and small teepees with traditional symbols. I have a diorama planned for next week. He also watched a really good but likely over his head documentary. He was able to tell me all the things he learned though so he got something out of it.
Science~We learned about measuring, interpolating and the word meniscus. We also learned the name of all that chemistry glassware. I've got a mixture and solution experiment scheduled for Fun Friday today.

Miss Mel
Math~continued on with basic addition facts, a quiz is scheduled for today. She doesn't even want the abacus anymore.
LA~She had her first quiz on capitalization and periods. She rocked. The question mark was introduced. She did some copywork and we reviewed the spelling of middle and last name which she knew but slowly.
History~The same as F Man except she didn't watch the documentary.
Science~A mish mash of caterpillars/butterflies and seed/plants. I'm mostly just following her interest here. She is scheduled to watch Magic School Bus about ants today.
The biggest feat as far as she's concerned is mastering the two wheeler to my standards for road riding. She's been able to ride but was so wobbly I didn't trust her to ride it to the library, etc.
We also attended the library in bigger town which had a scavenger hunt. It really aquainted them with where and how to find things in the children's area. They earned popcorn and a free movie rental for their trouble. Woohoo!
Our Read Alouds~I'm reading them The Birchbark House to tie into history and heaven help me we read another Junie B Jones for fun.
Miss Ads
She did puzzles, glued, painted and generally did what nearly 3yo's should. I can't believe her birthday is Monday. ~weep~
My baby


Kash said...

Sounds like a great week! I am unbelievably jealous that you had fantastic weather! :)

Hillary said...

You did great this week! Glad you're thinking of joining us at Rowing Downstream for "Yes! We did Science!" Fridays :)