Friday, January 21, 2011

Week #20

Well, I've been off the posting band wagon because nothing we've done has had any pictures or been especially interesting but if I don't get back on the band wagon I won't at all (d*mn Facebook almost makes blogging pointless).
Our big news is that Miss Mel and L have gotten parts in the local production of

They have never even tried out before so I was shocked. Miss Mel is a mouse and L is one of the step-sisters.
What else? Miss Mel began piano lessons so I'm thinking her performing arts are covered. F-man had no interest in either but he is all prepared for the Pinewood Derby so I guess we can count woodworking among his skills.
The weather has been crazy which hasn't helped our outdoor time. Monday it shot up to 40 and the snow melted. Wednesday we had ice, ice, ice and we couldn't get out. Last night it snowed and now we're back to about 4 inches.We did get out to the spot we're observing in all four seasons. Today is -12 so that may be it for the week.
We also began . So far so good. I just wanted an easy introduction to Latin to add to our Spanish study. F-man will begin studying Latin in earnest in June. Otherwise we're just chugging along through grammar, reading and math. We're sort of stalled in history at the revolution right now because it's interesting. I plan on moving on next week though. We still are reading Toliver's Secret aloud. F-man read Aaron and the Green Mountain Boys, This Time Tempe Wick and The Bears on Hemlock Mountain this week. Science is still scattered. I just can't find something they like so we'll just go on researching things as we find interest.
The older kids are all fine. J-term is almost over for E and then she'll start second semester. High school is high school for the boys. L is the lucky one this week. Not only did she win a part in the play but she received a Kindle for having the highest lexile at the school. I'm still not clear on who donated this or why she was chosen. The principal has not returned my e-mails. I guess I just won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Oh, and it's Girl Scout Cookie time. Ack! See I told you we didn't have much to report. I need to get out the camera.


Monica . . . said...

We are thinking of starting Song School Latin next year - it looks fun. Congrats on parts in Cinderella, that will be fun!

Doula! Liz Baer said...

My seven year old dd has been using Song School Latin this year and liking it. If you go to and look on the left sidebar you can find free online Latin games (click on flashdash).