Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The 15th Day of Christmas

Ok, I know, but I never posted about 12th night. We had presents, festivities and instead of king cake we had M&M cookies made only with the green, red and yellow ones. The others were of course eaten.

We've watched lots of football.

Basketball started last night and swimming starts tonight. Could I just let them all become shrubs instead? Now time for my complaint-where are all the other children? When I was a kid I just wandered around and there were kids in town to play with. We go to the park often, really often, and the library, and just around. There are no kids. Weird!

It is finally beginning to feel like January. I was adjusting to the warm weather without problem darn it, and now reality rears it's ugly head. 18 tonight. Yuck!


Jody said...

The weather has been fairly standard Texas winter here. Last year we really didn't even have much of a winter. We were in bathing suits at the beach in late December.

Tammy said...

Merle says it's your birthday...so Happy Birthday to YOU!!