Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's News

Yes, it's going to be a list post because I'm so far behind. Hey, I've been busy, ok?

* I managed to do all the things I promised the kids we would do, shopping (both clothes and video games), homemade cinnamon rolls, out to eat at Ponderosa (that involves a 30 mile drive each way), homemade cinnamon rolls and lots and lots of cards and board games

* Dh and I went to friends' house for New Year's Eve. I drifted off during a movie (shhh, I don't think anyone noticed). I revived in time to see the ball drop and Dick Clark. Good Lord, someone have the guts to tell the man it's time to quit performing.

* The kids went back to school on Jan 2 so I spent yesterday de-Christmasing the house. I always seem to get everything pur up and see one item I've left out. I crammed it in a drawer. Take that you organized types.

* I've been doing a bunch of batch cooking for the freezer. Starting next week we have something to do every, yes EVERY night of the week. Since this town has no restaurants and I don't want to live on pjb that means preparing ahead. My freezer is now packed with soups, mac&cheese casseoles, taco meat and the dreaded meatloaves. This will hopefully enable us to eat something.

* What are we doing you ask? What type of family can't budget their time, lets see
Mon-Basketball practice for 3 kids for 3 hours-must leave house at 5:30
Tues-Boy Scouts-must leave house at 6
Wed-KidKlub at church 6:30, Dance 20 miles away at 7:00
Thurs-Cub Scouts-6:15 (I'm a den leader, have to be there)
Fri-dd must play with band at ball games (20 miles away again)
Sat-dd usually needs delivered and picked up from debate, 3 basketball games, various times
Sun-church, youth group and Brownies from 4-6 (stupid time, 12 miles away)
DS begins swim practice the 8th. He needs picked up at 5:30 or he'll have to walk home. He'll practice 5 nights/week. Oh, and then there will be meets. I don't think I'll make too many of those. Dh works evenings so, it's all me. Did I mention I'm actually looking forward to them getting driver's licenses. I may change my mind on that one of course.


novaks8 said...

Dick Clark was so sad.

He was much improved from last year though.

Weird how for so many years everyone commented on how he never aged then he had a stroke.

Tricia said...

Hey there-
I am always on a quest for the best easy'ish homemade cinnamon rolls. Would you mind sharing?