Monday, January 15, 2007


The youngest three kids spent Wed-Sat with the plague. Ok, maybe it was the flu. Whatever it was it was a pain in the neck. Luckily they all had no school Friday for end of semester. I would have thought they would make that today, since it's a holiday, but nope, today they are at school. I was most worried about F. He is rather like a human superball who never stops moving. He also eats like a person who has the metabolism of a chipmunk. Thursday he slept 18 hours and ate nothing. I couldn't even tempt him with ice cream. Glad that's over.

Adding to the weekends fun, the computer at dh's work blew up so he worked extra on Friday and Saturday trying to get caught back up. E's debate team hosted a meet this weekend. I was in charge of the judges room. I called all the parents, and delivered the two crockpots of soup I promised. I didn't stick around to see if the other parents brought what they promised or not. The soup I took was all gone, either indicating I make wicked good soup, or there was nothing else to eat.

Girl Scout cookie time has started. Yippee. Not. At least they pretty much sell themselves, I just hate delivering them and dealing with all the money. Money and cookies are not noted for remaining untouched in this household.


Annalise said...

Poor kids, glad they are on the mend.

Girl scout cookie time - oh the horror. I always found that whole thing incredibly stressful, both the selling and then, even worse,the delivering. And the cookies aren't even that great!

Jody said...

Well, I have to tell you, if they had what I have had, they are down for the count!

I finally went to the doc on Wednesday and got some antibiotics, and I am finally feeling better today.

Glad they are all feeling better. It is so nerve wracking when they get sick.

truth said...

Oh shoot! Cookies already? Darn, just when I was planning to lose a few more pounds.