Friday, May 25, 2007

A Date

We finally have a date set for Emma's surgery. She'll be going in on June 11th. We had hoped for a week earlier, but I guess we'll take what we get. It is going to so ruin her summer. She'll be in ICU right after the surgery and in the hospital four or five days. She can't really do much then for 6 weeks and nothing 'physical' for six months. No diving, no rollercoasters, no sports. Boring! I feel like we should do something fun that first week of June, but I'll be darned if I know what that would be. She is past thinking a trip to the beach or an amusement park is a big deal. Oh the ennui of fifteen.


Jody said...

Okay, did I miss something, or did I have a senior moment and forgot? What kind of surgery is she having?

Dot said...

I hope the surgery goes well.

Yes, 15 is a hard age to tell them they can't do anything physical.