Monday, December 24, 2007

Easy Christmas

I found these tips somewhat useful. I do the battery and twist tie thing. As for the wrapping paper, the idea of 8 kinds of wrapping paper boggles the mind.
I am a huge believer in making Christmas easy, though I'm convinced some people like rushing, stressing and feeding obnoxious relatives. Our Christmas goes something like this:
1) Be awakened at an unmentionable hour.
2) Let kids indulge in a free for all.
3) Console child whose gift was opened by a sibling.
4) Since the coffee is done by now, begin drinking mimosas and let the kids have stocking candy for breakfast.
5) Continue above until a late lunch, consisting of foods my children will actually eat. This year our extremely non-Martha menu includes:
turkey roll-pressed, processed meat being a favorite of my children over actual turkey
crescent rolls-ditto
sweet potatoes
cookies, cookies, cookies
sprite -in a wine glass, they love a wine glass
6) Pray the rest of the day sees no more toy breakage
7) Sit bleary eyed, sipping a bourbon, wonder where the day went and quite unoriginally say a prayer of thanks that this particular family is mine. What more could I really want?

Merry Christmas from our family to yours


griffmama said...

We have the same NOEL stocking hangers... Happy holidays from our family to yours

Annalise said...

My kids are big fans of Sprite in a wine glass too :-)

Happy Christmas ... and I love the photo :-)

Jody said...

Merry Christmas to you all!!!