Thursday, December 27, 2007


The nice thing about having my family coming this Saturday is it stretches out the holiday a bit, the bad thing is that I need to think of something to serve and then go buy it. I need to do it today so that I can take E on her Christmas shopping trip on Friday. It has to be Friday because that is when her friend can come. I should never have started this dumb tradition. Six years ago who knew we'd still be going to spend her Christmas $$$. It has evolved from just us to her and a friend shopping while I sit at Starbucks sipping a coffee and receiving phone calls reassuring her that another shirt is just what she needs. I'll have Ad with me this year. Here's hoping I don't have to ceaselessly walk her around. And lets just say her nursing habits are not conducive to quiet. The kids positively slurps. Anyway....back to the subject at hand. We 're planning on having a buffet of stuff to pick at all night. SIL always brings a veggie tray (because she is healthy and virtuous unlike me), step-mom will bring mac&cheese. She just always does so, I'm thinking a meat tray with rolls, cheeses with nice crackers, nacho dip (yes, this is cheese heavy but dh requested it), lots of cookies and a fruit bowl. Of course beer for dh and brother, wine for SIL and I and coffee for dad. Oh, and pop for the kids. Of course I will forget something, I always do. Oh well. I finally got the other adults on board for skipping gifts so it'll just be stuff for the kids. Three of mine and my nephew will probably get money or cards so it'll look like a depressing amount of stuff even though lots of dollars will pass hands. I always feel guilty anyway because our seven sort of out number their one. I stress about trying to keep it roughly equal, etc. Oh well, the important thing is I have a new deck of cards waiting to be separated into a euchre deck. Cards, liquor and cheese! Sounds like a holiday to me.

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