Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who Knew?

So since I'm trying to be a little simpler here, I've been exploring the blog world further. Quite frankly, I'm usually so busy living my own life, you've gotta be pretty interesting before I'll take time to read about yours. I started looking at voluntary simplicity and quickly segued into frugality. Let me admit here, that I am really cheap. My husband compares me to a squirrel, who wants to take all our nuts(money) and bury it in the back yard for the coming hard winter. What can you say when it's true? The upshot is I hope to retool the old sidebar there to feature some new stuff. Related to this, I've saved like $60 on stuff I didn't buy. Mostly tea, coffee and pop. I appear to be a thirst motivated consumer.

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Annalise said...

We're being frugal here too - ours hs been forced upon us by Christmas, 3 birthdays, and expensive house guests, though. In my less sane moments I have contemplated taking up smoking so I could give it up - I'd save so much money that way!