Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So yesterdaywas the most depressing day of the year. I personally find it happens sometime in February. I'm not sure why the shortest month seems like the longest.
We are busily completing a virus marathon. Mel was sick with fever and croup. I had a couple touchy nights with her in a steamy bathroom. Hmm, are her lips blue? How about those nail beds? And there's nothing like steam for a naturally curly girl like me. F was next with a fever of 103 so he stayed home from school Friday. Addie never had a fever but her intestinal tract was dealing with something. Positively toxic! Not usual for a breastfed baby. S and E felt ill over the weekend and low and behold dh came home from work early today feeling yuck. That leaves C and I. Here's hoping we're both too mean to catch it.

I've been cruising the net looking for more frugal ideas. I've decided I'm already so cheap that there aren't too many new ideas out there. Which is depressing. We could of course go extremely cheap-no cable, no internet, no phone, sell plasma. But in the everyday scheme of things we are pretty close to the bone. Aldi's groceries, very limited wardrobe, ancient autos, cloth diapers, etc. I want to save money, but I'm not ready to give up electricity. Not yet anyway.

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Dot said...

I hope you are feeling okay and that everyone else if all better, too.