Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Or Not

I was googling recipes today, trying to use up some chickpeas when I came upon alot of entries on Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious recipes. Um, dumping cauliflower into my banana bread? Chick peas in my cookies? Or not. I found what I wanted, then went into the kitchen melted 2 sticks of butter and made heart attack on a plate chocolate chip cookies. And this way I can keep my title as meanest mom on earth when I insist they taste the veggies on their plate. I'm like that.


Jody said...

Cauliflower in banana bread? Gag.

Heart attack on a plate sounds good to me.

truth said...

You can't be serious about those recipes. Ugh! I'll bet your kids are glad you're a mean mom and make them eat vegetables the old fashioned way and their cookies.

Anne said...

I was wondering about that book...I mean, carrots in spaghetti sauce, OK--but cauliflower in banana bread--WHY? Besides, once you cook it that far, what's the point?

We're making too many way bad-for-you cookies today.