Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Vacation was great. So great I really didn't take any pictures. I did get this one of the kids watching a video while waiting for the park to open, because you really should get up at 5:30am when you're on vacation.

I've been crazy busy since we got back. All those clothes, towels and bedding to wash and I've moved every stick of furniture out of the upstairs, ripped up all the 30 year old carpet, swept up 30 years of dust and disintegrated carpet backing and pulled out a gross of carpet tacks. All that in preparation for a new vinyl floor. One that won't absorb pee, vomit or spilled coke. And it's made my living room look so nice.

And of course there is always the need to chase down the little mobile one, the one who figured out how to push open the screen door and escape outside where all the fun is.

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