Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, everyone but me will be rested and refreshed. I'll be the way mother's are after driving a 15 passenger van 300 miles full of overly excited kids, spending the day in 95 degree heat valiantly trying not to lose anyone or have them drown, tending to all those who can't sleep because they forgot something vital and repeating the next day. Give me a hotel room, alone, with a cheesecake and a bottle of tequila. I was the only one who voted for that though. Instead we'll be spending the next three days here and sleeping here


truth said...

Ah, have fun. Somehow I know you will!

Annalise said...

It sounds exhausting but fun!!

Jody said...

How was your trip? Did you have a blast, and most important, did you find some tekillya?