Thursday, December 04, 2008


It's Thursday already? And not one stinkin' exciting thing to post. I'm continuing the bake-a-thon because evidently my family KNOWS food is love. Poor Ad has a bleeding diaper rash. I don't think my other kids have had so much as pinkness. I'm coating it with white pasty substances and giving lots of bath time (like 3 quick dips/day) and if it doesn't resolve I'll take her to the doc. It seems rather ridiculous that I'm a newbie at diaper rash. Tomorrow night I'm taking 4 of the kids to a Walk to Bethlehem. I can't believe it was the 16yo's idea. It should be nice. Saturday said 16yo is going to Chicago and I'm taking the Girl Scouts to Scrooge. Somehow after an afternoon keeping them in line and wondering what horror could have befallen the oldest I believe I'll set aside Saturday evening for drinking. At some point I might consider dragging out some Christmas decorations too. Maybe. Sorta. Later.


Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

Hi Lisa!

Ad's diaper rash could be a yeast infection. If it does not get better with all you are doing and if it is raised and bumpy then I would guess yeast. Caleb has one right now and I am putting Nystatin cream on him as well as Desitin. And I am breaking open a Bifidolfolus Flora Force capsule and mixing it with my milk to make a paste for him to suck off my finger. He loves it! I took this stuff when I had lots of yeast infections during my pregnancy and it works! I am planning on making Thursdays meeting..hope to see you there!

MotherToMany said...

Nystatin has sugar in it which feeds the yeast, even though it is a yeast treatment cream. Weird I know.

Seriously, use anti-fungal foot creams like Lotramin. Just about all diaper rashes are fungus based and it will clear it up fast A little lotramin and some powder and you'll start to see a huge improvement.

I often wonder how uncomfortable those must be though. As an adult I think I wouldn't be doing much walking, crawling, or moving. But kids/babies; it doesn't seem to stop them, does it!?