Friday, December 19, 2008


Why am I up at 4:22 am? Got me. Could be dh's snoring or the ice cracking I hear outside my window. The predicted apocalyptic ice storm seems to have come but I've got power so it's all good. Now if dh can make it to work and they don't cancel school (a delay, please a delay) my day can go on as planned. I need to speed sew some things and get to a store while I am kid free (well, except for Addie) but she usually just sits in the cart and flirts with people so she can receive the adoration that is her due. (It is, just ask her). I hear dd's phone alarm. I will be so glad when today's finals are over. I know people think they would love to have a grade obsessed teen who studies all the time but really, you wouldn't. I have repeated and repeated that the world will not stop revolving if she's not valedictorian but....she is her father's daughter. Now ds is not troubled by these thoughts. TIme to find a snack and have another cup of tea. I swore I wouldn't turn the coffee on until 5am but tea's okay, right?

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MotherToMany said...

I was up until 7am. Mostly doing web-work. But the snow started pouring down and then I got into watching the news.

My DH snores too and a little tea tree oil under the nose works better than any breath right strip or OTC drug I have found yet. He used to be banished to the living room couch until our homeopathic doctor suggested this. So far so good!

Dh is staying home today because of the dumped snow we are getting. We'll be hunkering down for the weekend, just as soon as DH goes and gets the vanilla I ran out of yesterday.

I wish my oldest was mre studious though. We homeschool and she has a learning disability so it takes her 2-3 times longer to learn something so she gets frustrated which really slows things down for her.