Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Friday

Kind of a sad day around here today. L has a friend who is moving away today. Separating 10yo girls from their friends is always sad. F is sad, anxious, and excited about his last day (for this year anyway) of public school. We'll jump in Monday with the "get F to pay attention" program. Actually I think that will just flow from 1) Not talking cars, pokemon and video games with the boy sitting next to you and 2) being able to fidget, stand, walk around or whatever else while doing his work. I think he expends tons of energy just being still enough not to get in trouble at school. We shall see. I'm off for Ad's and my last pas de deux grocery trip. I'll either have to change my shopping time or take F with me. I'm thinking I'll just go on Thursday evenings. There'll be lots more people to haul in groceries that way too. The weather has gone all wintery again after a couple tantalizing days above freezing. I say again how can the shortest month seem the longest?

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Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

I think it is great that you are homeschooling F! My advice to you is try to find a happy medium between structure but not a schedule! You need some sort of structure to your day or else F will not respect that you are his teacher as well as mom! And you will most likely find it HARD to stick to a schedule with having little ones around who constantly need your attention. If you don't start school until's okay! You can always work a few hrs. in the evening if need be or whatever works for you! It may take some time but it WILL be rewarding to see him learning and realize that you had a BIG part in it! I am speaking from our experiences this year. YOu can do it! GO GIRL!