Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Monday

Lots going on here which is why I haven't posted. Let's start with this.

Mon-spaghetti bake, salad, fruit salad
Tue-crockpot sausage/hash brown casserole, oranges
Wed-pork bbq sandwiches, carrots, baked apples
Thu-turkey, dressing, broccoli, cherry salad
Fri-turkey salad sandwiches, relishes, ice cream
Sat-pizza rollups,grapes, cookies

Now, what's been taking up last week? Swim meets, pine wood derby making and racing, basketball games, Boy Scout meetings. Whew! We've also decided that I will be home schooling F starting next week so lots of web surfing getting myself ready for that. Why F you ask? Well, have you ever seen the movie Over the Hedge? You know the chipmunk Hammie? That is my F. Easily distractible, very interested in having a good time, not very mature, in need of direction but sweet for all that. F likes school because of all his buds. He has lots of friends but the 'school' part is not so interesting. He is getting A's and B's but Phil and I feel like he's not getting the math basics. He's skating through and beginning to feel lost. His confidence in math is shaky. It seems like a little concentrated one on one teaching without his distracting friends would benefit him before 3rd grade when things start getting more rigorous. The plan right now is for me to finish 2nd grade with him and continue through the summer so he won't lose what he knows. His standardized scores are just below the district norm and that is not good enough for dh and I if he is capable of doing better. Hopefully he will 'catch' up and be able to return to public school for 3rd grade but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. If he doesn't make progress we could keep him home, send him to Catholic school or another over the county line grade school to repeat 2nd grade with a different group of kids. Let's hope this works. At least it's 2nd grade which I hopefully have the brains to teach and not advanced chemistry or something.

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