Friday, February 06, 2009


Fun Friday? Family Friday? Ferocious Friday?
I hope we have some fun this weekend. S is having friends over for a pizza/xbox/laser tag extravaganza. My job is to keep the snacks coming and the siblings going.
Family Friday?
I got L,F,&A Space Chimps to watch. This will hopefully divert them for an hour. L has a basketball game tomorrow. At 12:45. What a lousy time. I'd rather do it early and have the rest of the day. On the bright side it's supposed to warm up. Oh, but wait, that means there'll be mud, lots and lots of mud as that foot of snow melts. Oh, and there are Girl Scout cookies to deliver.
Ferocious Friday?
I did the grocery shopping. About half is in. Ack! How can I spend so much? How can they eat so much? I did run into my dad at the grocery store. That was nice. Dh is working this weekend so I'm on single parent duty. I'm seeing what I refer to as a quiet Sunday and the kids refer to as a boring day in our future. I remember hating Sunday when I was a kid. Now I get it.l

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