Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy and Menu

Just too busy living life. Girl Scout Day Camp last week, older boys at Boy Scout camp this week. VBS is this week and I'm helping. Finishing up baseball/softball. Soccer is over! The Fourth of July Festival will be here before I know it. DD wants to enter something in the flower show, 4-H projects, etc., etc.

My 15yo and 13yo dss are at scout camp which should do wonders for my budget foodwise

Mon-chicken alfredo w/broccoli, strawberries
Tue-chopped steak, potatoes&gravy, salad,apple slices
Wed-au gratin potatoes w/ham, green beans, mandarin oranges&kiwis
Thu-spaghetti&meatballs, salad (walmart had a sale, lol), grapes
Fri-hot dogs, potato chips, fruit salad
Sat-beef&bean burritos, corn, ice cream
Sun-ham&swiss sandwich roll, berries and bananas &chocolate dip

blueberry muffins
coffee cake

leftover salisbury steak, carrots,pears
fish, green beans, oranges
english muffin pizza, applesauce
chicken nuggets, peas, grapes
peanut butter sandwiches,carrot sticks, bananas
ramen noodles w/peas&carrots, peaches
cheese quesadillas, pepper strips, fruit cocktail

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truth said...

I thought summer was for relaxing, slowing the pace. Sounds like a marathon of adventure over there.