Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Well Duh

"This part really hit me over the head -- not sure why this thought never occured to me before. . ."Kathy
Yeah that /\

A WIn-WIn solutIon:
The Empirical Evidence on How Vouchers Affect PublIc Schools

Unfortunately, Americans are not accustomed to thinking of
K-12 education in terms of choice. They expect and demand
the right to select their own goods and services in everything
from food, housing, clothing, transportation and medical care
to magazines, haircuts, dry cleaning and video games. If government
attempted to assign people to live in certain neighborhoods
or shop at certain grocery stores, they would howl
in protest. Americans even expect and demand choice when
it comes to education outside of K-12 schools—everywhere
from colleges to trade schools to night classes. But when it
comes to K-12 education, the idea that they would choose for
themselves rather than having government dictate what they
receive is new and sometimes uncomfortable.

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